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Re: [leafnode-list] local group, strange behavour.


sorry for the late reply.

Guy Bobenrieth wrote:

> your patch bellow does correct the problem ! I get now the same message
> as for a group coming out of one of my stream when selecting it for the
> first time.

The question is whether this is really necessary. If you create a
local group, it should usually be accessible to your users. Therefore,
it should be subscribed automatically. That's the reason why, in
2.0b5, there was no dummy message in the group.

However, your particular newsreader seems to refuse to open a group
which does not contain any messages. Can you tell me which reader you
are using? Using local groups works rather nicely with tin-1.4.3.

> But there is still a problem : when I post something to one of these
> local groups, nothings append. When i look inside the spool I can't see
> any new message, anywhere.

That is odd. I have several questions:
1) What are the permissions of /var/spool/news ?
2) What's the name of your local group? Maybe there is something odd
   which I didn't think of when writing the code...
3) Does the appropriate directory exist (i.e. if your local newsgroup
   is called "local.leafnode", does /var/spool/news/local/leafnode
   exist) ?


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