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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b6

I just uploaded 2.0b6 to

This version contains a few bigger and a lot of smaller fixes. Most
notably, texpire is now slower because it manages to indeed thread
its articles. This means that a promise of the 1.0 manpage of texpire
has finally become true :-)

Leafnode-2.0b5 also contained possible security problems in fetchnews
and texpire which were reported to the list, IIRC. These have also been

There are still a lot of things to do before a non-beta version of
Leafnode can be released. At the moment I am aware of the following

1) "make dist" fails at the moment when compressing the tarballs. I
   have no idea why.

2) "fetchnews -N" doesn't work. 2.0b6 contains some attempts at coding
   but nothing finished yet.

3) "fetchnews -S -M" led me once into an endless loop after the article
   had been fetched for the first time. This possibly happens only if
   the group is not marked "interesting". In that case, you can also
   see some interesting buffer overflows in the Xref: header.

4) If a newsgroup occurs twice in an article header, the article is also
   fetched twice.

5) The documentation is still incomplete. Most notably, the README misses
   section 4.2 ("the filter file"), and the TODO is partially in German.

6) The AUTHINFO support for the nntpd is incomplete and needs fixing.

7) The timeout code for fetchnews still sucks (it has not been changed).

8) vsnprintf.c generates two warnings if both HAVE_SNPRINTF and HAVE_VSNPRINTF
   are undefined.

9) strdup.c doesn't compile and throws around a lot of odd error messages.

10) Moderated groups are still not handled very well. Postings show up
    on the server unmoderated; postings to local moderated groups don't
    go to the moderators.

Things that I would love to have feedback on (I have not observed them
myself nor had recent bug reports on them):

- does fetchnews still coredump on fixxover() ?
- somebody claimed that leafnode could not subscribe more than 1834 groups
- are there still problems with truncated or mutilated groupinfo files?

Thanks to all the people who sent patches and bug reports.


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