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Re: [leafnode-list] [PATCH] storearticle() didn't check for local groups

Dennis W. Bulgrien wrote:

> I have created 000-999 via a script; posting now works.
> Thank you to all who cared, Cornelius, Jorg, Matthias.  Really!  I think the
> world is a better place because of your patient kindness.
> Sidenote, the script created the wrong directories for us; "echo $$"
> displays a process id, I think.  I changed all $$ to $ and it worked.

My apologies :-( I copied this from the Makefile for leafnode-1.9.18
without testing it or switching on my brain.

Thanks for describing a serious bug in the leafnode software. I hope
to get it fixed in 2.0b9.


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