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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews fails to download bodies

Juergen Salk wrote:

> Has anybody tried to run fetchnews with "delaybody=1"
> in leafnode-2.0b8?
> Fetchnews seems to be able to download the headers only
> but not the bodies that are marked for retrieval.

I think (but am not sure) that the problem lies in fetchnews::doxover().
fetchnews writes a "pseudobody" which confuses the heck out of the
nntpd. The following patch (for 2.0b8, no change in the nntpd) may

--- fetchnews.c.orig	Tue Jan 23 12:09:21 2001
+++ fetchnews.c	Tue Jan 23 12:10:26 2001
@@ -697,7 +697,6 @@
 		if ( ( f = fopenmsgid( c, FALSE ) ) != NULL ) {
 		    fprintf( f, "%s", hdr );
-		    fprintf( f, "\n[ Thread has been marked for download ]\n" );
 		    fclose( f );
 		    store( c, f, newsgroups, messageid );

Unfortunately, this patch will not affect articles that have been already

Please send feedback.


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