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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews fails to download bodies

Stefan Wiens wrote:

> BTW, I just noticed that the [fm]?getheader() functions return newly
> allocated memory. Most functions calling them don't free() the
> returned string, leaking memory.

I fixed this now in most of the functions. I have not fixed anything
so far in fetchnews, mostly because I have a coding question first:

If an fopen() is performed successfully on a file, does this affect
the atime and mtime of the file? I ask because of this piece of
code (from postarticles()):

        if ( ( stat( de->d_name, &st ) == 0 ) && S_ISREG( st.st_mode ) &&
             ( ( f = fopen( de->d_name, "r" ) ) != NULL ) &&
             isgrouponserver( fgetheader( f, "Newsgroups:" ) ) &&
             ( ( haveid = 
                 ismsgidonserver( fgetheader( f, "Message-ID:" ) ) ) != 1 ) ) {

a) Wouldn't it be more efficient to open the file first and then doing
   fstat()? There shouldn't be any non-regular files in out.going anyway,
   therefore the S_ISREG may be unnecessary (I think it was introduced
   because some people managed to create directories in out.going and
   complained afterwards about a barfing fetchnews).
b) Obviously, in the code above the strings returned by fgetheader()
   cannot be free()d - or is there a possibility that I may have

And another C question (regarding the recent mail by Matthias Andree about

c) Can this code
	return ( havepath && havemsgid && havefrom && haveng );
   also be written without the brackets, i.e. is it ensured that
   the logical expression will be evaluated first and the result
   being returned?


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