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[leafnode-list] Something's wrong with getaline?


I've been encountering a problem in 2.0b7 and 2.0b8 with
one of my upstream servers running NNTPcache server V2.4.0b2.

fetchnews fails to get any articles from this server with some 
error messages like the following:

"Unknown reply to XOVER command: 211 2845 1 4418 de.comp.os.unix.misc"
"Unknown reply to XHDR command: 211 2845 1 4418 de.comp.os.unix.misc",
for "preferxhdr = 1".

I have definitely not seen this behavior with 2.0b5 (skipped 2.0b6 btw).

I have not had a close look at it, but it seems to me that the problem 
is caused by the new getaline, which returns a string 
"211 2845 1 4418 de.comp.os.unix.misc" in 2.0b8 instead of 
just "221" like the original getaline in 2.0b5 does.

Is anybody able to confirm this?

Best regards - Juergen.

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