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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b6

Andy Piper wrote:
> I found that the RPM building stuff was broken in 2.0b5, and also in
> 1.9.16 thru 1.9.18. If "make dist" is failing, that will continue to
> break it... however, in my hacky attempt to build myself an RPM for
> 1.9.18 over the weekend, among other things I had to:
[snip some nonsense]

I've had a much closer look now, and see where the build process was
going wrong... clearly I didn't take the time to understand how it was
supposed to work in the first place, and my previous script will show
up my lack of knowledge... sorry! :-/

So, "make dist" creates leafnode (just leafnode) and leafnode-pcre
(leafnode + pcre library... I'd assumed this was a supplement to the
leafnode tarball, only containing pcre).

> I didn't automate any of that, or create an appropriate patch - I've
> only just joined this list, so maybe the RPM-building problems have
> been discussed before (although I didn't see anything in the list
> archive).

Since I'm new to the list, how should I submit patches - to Cornelius
directly, or to the list? I have some fixes for the makerpm.sh script
which should resolve most of the build problems.

> I'll download 2.0b6 in a minute and see if I can see where "make dist"
> is falling over, as that will only complicate matters.

As already stated - is anyone else encountering the problem Cornelius
found? It works fine here.

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