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[leafnode-list] Back from Berlin (talk at DECUS)

Since I had told you about the talk that I had to give in Berlin, I
should probably also relate how it went.

The interest was very moderate. There were maybe 20 to 30 people.
I was a little slow and therefore had to skip a transparency. I
still had to hurry a bit at the end to stay on time. No questions
were asked :-(

I am not sure what really was expected from me. I think some people
were a bit bored and had expected more technical detail; others seemed
to be quite interested. I think that only some people in the audience
had actually *used* the program before (the chairman was one of them :-).

I got a business card from a guy who offered to compile and troubleshoot
leafnode on Compaq's True64 unix. I hope that I will have a little bit
more spare time in the not-too-distant future which will be good for
leafnode as well :-)

It's certainly not something to get rich from :-). I even didn't get
paid all expenses, just the entry to the meeting and a free lunch.
I'll try to tax-deduct my expenses at the end of the year, however -
let's see whether that will work out.


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