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Re: [leafnode-list] Multi-level Local Newsgroups Name Bugs

"Bulgrien, Dennis" <Dennis.Bulgrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

(repaired quoting)
>> Local groups must always be present in groupinfo. If you ever remove
>> an entry, new articles may get inserted with wrong article numbers.

More precisely: Don't remove a group entry from groupinfo if the group
still exists and there ever had been an article in it.

> Can you please explain?  I thought that if leaf.node/groupinfo entry was
> kept uncreated that it would be created with correctly initialized article
> number (1, 2, whichever) when first message to it is posted; each directory
> (group) is independent-- may have the same article numbers as others.

Every time a program respecting local groups (currently leafnode,
texpire, rnews; what about fetchnews?) updates groupinfo, all local
groups get inserted, even if empty.

Leafnode updates groupinfo only if an article is posted to any group.
So, new local groups may not immediately show up in the groupinfo

Normally, you shouldn't have to think about that...

> Perhaps I didn't cleary communicate that "It should NOT have added x to
> groupinfo..." because x was empty.

By removing the offending entry from groupinfo, you just circumvented
the bug. The entry itself was correct.


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