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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode port to cygwin

"Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Alexander Reinwarth schrieb am 2001-05-07, 8:07:
> > > O.k. ich lad es nachher mal hoch, ist aber nur ein erster Schuss!
> > > Ich will es jetzt nochmal neu bauen. Bisher hat es bei mir nicht 
> > > geklappt. Vielleicht geht es auf Win98?
> > > http://familiehaase.dynu.com/docs/leafnode-1.9.18/source&binary/ ->
> > > -> leafnode-1.9.18-1-cygwin-1.3.tar.gz
> O.k., i got a new patch. I fiddled also a little bit at the Makefile.in
> to get a nice install on Cygwin, don't forget to set a prefix!
> I like more prefix=/usr as /usr/local, don't ask why.

Note, /usr is for OS prepackaged software. Third-party software uses
/usr/local or /opt. This is not Linux-specific, Solaris and FreeBSD
e. g. behave the same way. The default prefix of /usr/local is fine, as
no distribution I know of tampers with the contents of /usr/local.

Matthias Andree

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