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Re: Re[2]: [leafnode-list] 1.9.19 status

Volker Apelt wrote:

> How is leafnode supposed to know which groups are moderated 
> and which are not?

Leafnode could evaluate the lines returned to the LIST command. Each line
contains a status field indicating if posting to the newsgroup is allowed
or whether it is moderated. At the moment, Leafnode does not evaluate
this field. Unfortunately, it is not really documented what belongs in
this field. RFC977 gives only "y" and "n"; many moderated groups have
"m" in there.

> Make a new file called moderated.groups in $SPOOL/leaf.node with one line
> for each moderated group, containing the groupname and  email address to
> which submissions should be sent.

This has been discussed before. The question is who is going to maintain
this file. I have proposed a list of automated email addresses but there
is no guarantee that this list will be up-to-date and therefore postings
to moderated groups may simply vanish. We therefore decided to leave the
posting to moderated groups to the upstream server; it is, however,
necessary that a posting to a moderated group goes to one upstream server
only to avoid hassling of the moderator. This has not yet been implemented.


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