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Re: [leafnode-list] controlling which users who can access

I know that this request is off-topic for the list, but I happened
across an article that pointed out some necessary security changes for
a Linux box, and some good ones to have.  If someone would be kind
enough to e-mail me off the list at tmcd@xxxxxxxx with suggestions for
good things to do (it appears that ipchains would be good, and I just
heard now of this xinitd), and with sources for info (I dimly recall a
Zwicky book), I would greatly appreciate it.  I have just one home
machine, running a late-model Debian, with access over a modem.

(Unfortunately, I don't have as much time and patience as I used to to
deal with Linux setup, but I'd better devote some time to this ...)

Tim McDaniel is tmcd@xxxxxxxx; if that fail,
    tmcd@xxxxxxxxxx is my work account.
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