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[leafnode-list] The Energizer Bunny, and entries in SERVERNAME file disappearing

I am still on 1.9.20.rc7.

This is another ongoing problem I've had:

Occasionally, some of the entries in /var/spool/news/leaf.node/SERVERNAME 

I tend to manage /var/spool/news/interesting.groups fairly closely, since
I have a relatively small news spool and it fills up too quickly if I
don't.  In most cases, the entries that disappear are the ones I've
removed from interesting.groups for this particular run.

This may be intended as a feature, but for me it's certainly a bug.

Then, the last time I ran fetchnews, the news spool filled up, and
fetchnews was just like the Energizer Bunny - it kept fetching and
fetching and fetching...

This is probably a separate issue from the occasional lines disappearing
from SERVERNAME, except that after I terminated this Energizer Bunny run,
the SERVERNAME file existed but it was completely empty - filesize was
zero, zip, nada, nix, nein.  The fact that the news spool filled up may
have had an effect on this.

So, to summarize, (1) I've had some lines disappear from the SERVERNAME
file when they are removed from interesting.groups, (2) when my news spool
filled up, the ENTIRE SERVERNAME file went to the bit-bucket, and (3)
fetchnews doesn't stop when the spool is full.

I'll install rc9 and I'll try to test it this weekend for the "Files not 
Fetched" issue.

Michael O'Quinn

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