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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire isn't working

Doug Laidlaw schrieb am Montag, den 25. März 2002:

> I have now run fetchnews with debugmode=1, and there has also been a run of 
> texpire by cron.  There are only 2 references that I am not sure of:
> 	1) When fetchnews starts, there is a line such as "unlinking 
> comp.os.linux.setup/375"

That happens when leafnode downloads the body for the article, the
"only-header" articles is then deleted from the spool. In debug mode,
you're getting this message.

> 	2) At one point there are several lines such as "233 xover error: Reference 
> does not start with <."

Broken articles can cause these.

> Everything else looks unexceptional, although I am not qualified to detect 
> errors.

But you're qualified to suspect errors :-)

> >  "notail" makes
> > reiserfs faster because it switches off merging file "tails". Usually,
> > ReiserFS merges "tails" of files that are less than 16 kB in size to
> > save disk blocks in the file system (4 kB in size, usually), but that
> > costs some time, particularly when writing.
> Yes, Pierre wrote that it is a great space-saver, but removing "notail" made 
> the /var partition unreadable, and the boot sequence couldn't find the files 
> it needed to touch.  Perhaps it needs to be done at setup, before anything is 
> written to the partition.  Anyway, this isn't a ReiserFS mailing list.

Yup. However, fstab is column oriented, thus, you cannot remove the
"notail" option if there are no other options, but you need to replace
that by "defaults". However, it should not have an impact on leafnode
1.9.x. 2.0b* was susceptible to reiserfs bugs, but now contains a

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