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[leafnode-list] Gravity doesn't like leafnode?

Hi.. I was wondering if anyone lately has tried using the
Gravity newsreader with some recent version of leafnode?
It will come up initially, and start checking the first
4-5 groups, but then just stops..
At that point, if I connect the debugger (gdb) to the
leafnode process, I get the following stackdump :
(gdb) where
#0  0x70000984 in read ()
#1  0x7000ccec in __sread ()
#2  0x7000cba0 in __srefill ()
#3  0x7000e7d8 in __srget ()
#4  0x00005a7c in _getline (to=0x63480 "GROUP", size=254, 
stream=0x800017a0) at getline.c:46
#5  0x00005b84 in getline (pto=0xe8b0, size=0xe8b4, stream=0x800017a0) at 
#6  0x00008d30 in getaline (f=0x10108) at getaline.c:36
#7  0x00009dc0 in mgetaline (f=0x800017a0) at mgetaline.c:55
#8  0x00002374 in parser () at nntpd.c:232
#9  0x000059f0 in main (argc=0, argv=0xbffffe08) at nntpd.c:1618
#10 0x00001bd0 in _start ()
#11 0x00001a00 in start ()

It would indicate that it perhaps got stuck reading a command from
the (remote) Gravity reader. What's somewhat more strange is that
this seems to work fine when using a local newsreader to connect..
Once it hangs, if I double-click on a newsgroup name in Gravity,
it still does nothing.. Perhaps leafnode is stuck at that point..
I'm not sure..  Leafnode is running on a MacOS-X system (10.1.3)
and I'm running one of the 1.9.21rc versions..
Any comments are appreciated!

-- Rick

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