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Re: [leafnode-list] File mode in spool area

Jeffrey Goldberg schrieb am Mittwoch, den 17. April 2002:

> After some upgrade or other, I've found that the the typical file in
> leafnode's spool has gone from
>     664  news:news
> to
>     600  news:news

I changed it. Leafnode 2 enforces stricter permissions.

> Are there any reasons to not have the spool area readable? (If someone is
> posting to news, I have no problem with the outgoing.messages being world
> readable.)

Yes. leafnode 2 supports local group and will at some time in the future
support access restrictions to groups, and in order not to have them
circumvented, and because the spool format is not exactly stable, I
enforce access through NNTP and leafnode, forbidding direct spool

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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