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Re: [leafnode-list] Question

Alle 17:01, ven 10 maggio 2002, hai scritto:

> > My opinion would express about fetchnews filtering, may I tell you more?

> Yes, go ahead.

Thank you,
So here I'm. I've installed leafnode 1.9.22 and whatever I've tried to set up 
for filtering and reject undesired post, fetchnews doesn't act as expected.
I mean that I'd like to avoid downloading certain post according sender or 
subject within certain newsgroup.
I've read several docs about the use of filter, but until now I've recorded 
no killed incoming post.
Since leafnode is used only for personal offline reading (as many other user 
do) I'm not caring to get less post, but those I really want to.
I'm supposing only that the only method to remove unwanted post is to launch 
Applyfilter, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. Mainly because of 
my limited bandwidth on a modem V90.
I've tried grepping with the same pattern in my /var/spool/news with positive 
results, but fetchnews doesn'?t. I suspect that cannot apply complex filter 
such as multiline 'grepping', therefore let me suggest to use separate filter 
for each newsgroup.
A couple of thing:
   why cannot fetchnews do multithread download, maybe one thread each 
  I was launching fetchnews on a BASH script, but wathever I've probed, it 
doesn't  return any value if it fail to complete the task. Is it that true, 
or I've missed something?

Sorry, I'm enthusiast user and I've a very poor knoweledge on programming, 
but please give me a chance to understand the use of leafnode, and perhaps IF 
I can give some suggestions.

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