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[leafnode-list] leafnode and djbdns


I wondered if anyone on the list is using this combination?
Yesterday I set up a local DNS cache with djbdns as per the
instructions in http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/faq/cache.html and it
worked fine. However when I contact the leafnode server on the
localhost (through Mutt) it pauses for about 5-10 seconds as if
the dnscache program is trying to intercept the operation.
Dnscache is using localhost as the nameserver but so does pdnsd
(another DNS cache) and I did not have any delays with pdnsd.
Both are running on port 53 if that matters.

I have no good understanding of the internals of DNS caching
or newsservers so I don't know where to look for an answer.

This question very likely should go to a list related to
djbdns, but I figured that perhaps someone here had encountered
this problem before..?



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