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RE: [leafnode-list] Starting tin

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> From: John Martin [mailto:johnm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Hi All,
> I've only been using leafnode for just over a week having 
> previously used
> inn/suck/tin for some years.
> Twice in that short time my 'interesting.groups' directory 
> has emptied and
> fetchnews has stopped getting the news. Eventually I 
> discovered that I need
> to start reading the news with 'tin -r' in order to populate
> 'interesting.groups'. 
> In the past I had always used 'tin -z' so that only unread 
> articles were
> presented. Obviously it's not a major problem now that I know how to
> maintain the 'interesting.groups' directory nor is it really 
> a leafnode
> problem, I'd just like to know the difference between 'tin 
> -z' and 'tin -r'
> and why one affects leafnode and the other doesn't.
> tia
> -- 
> John

I'm not a big tin user, but I'll take a crack at it.  To use tin with
leafnode you have to use 'tin -r' so that it actually connects to the
leafnode server (a good thing) instead of trying to read the spool directly
(a bad thing in this case).  The 'tin -z' option as you point out is for
going to the first group with unread messages.  These options have nothing
to do with each other, really.  Can't you simply do a 'tin -r -z'?  Or use
'rtin -z' which implies the '-r'.  I don't see anything in the man page
about having problems combining the options.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding the

William Hooper

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