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RE: [leafnode-list] Web based news reader?

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Sent: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:21:32 -0500
Subject: RE: [leafnode-list] Web based news reader?

> While I'm hardly an expert on the topic, I think Leafnode functions as
> any other NNTP server software, just optimized for sitting in a LAN and
> zero admin.  If true, any NNTP news reader would work, and the question
> "web based reader that would work with leafnode" could really just be
> "web based reader that would work with NNTP".
> So, maybe just look for any web server plug in that would talk to an
> NNTP server or that could read the news spool files on the server?  A
> quick look on Sourceforge found this:
> http://sartre.dgate.org/webnews/ 
> There are probably others.
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Quite true. In the last couple of weeks I have downloaded and installed
several. All have missed the mark (e.g., a list of separate articles with no
thread capability, etc.). I downloaded webnews earlier today, but have not yet
installed it for testing. I have search all the normal places. I was hoping to
find someone that uses a web based reader and was really happy with its
features and performance. In any event though, thank you for your assistance.
I would have thought that more people would be doing web based news readers on
Linux servers for exactly the same reason I use a web based email reader on a
Linux server. I can read my mail from any machine with any browser no matter
where I happen to be located.

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