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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews error: check_date OT

Kenneth Porter <shiva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Many routers run an NTP server, as do some DNS servers. Try your ISP's DNS
> and gateway addresses. Use ntptrace to see how good a server each is.

do you know what these numbers mean?  what is the meaning of "strato"?

server, port 123
stratum 2, precision -17, leap 00
refid dtm2-ntp.mcbone.net delay 0.07281, dispersion 0.00000 offset -0.012684
rootdelay 0.00174, rootdispersion 0.02902, synch dist 0.02989
reference time:      c21aeaf7.6bc3e74a  Thu, Mar 13 2003 12:33:11.420
originate timestamp: c21aee66.d096feb4  Thu, Mar 13 2003 12:47:50.814
transmit timestamp:  c21aee66.ca7fc32e  Thu, Mar 13 2003 12:47:50.791


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