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Re: [leafnode-list] Skipped messages with multiple news feeds

On 17/03/2003 11:19:28 Matthias Andree wrote:

>matthew.malthouse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> Many and various are the users complaining to NTL about the
>> of their usenet news service.  There have been changes but no
>> in the year I've been a subscriber while complaints, suggestions and a
>> pleas for mercy result in innapropriate boiler-plate replies from the
>> desk but do not appear to penetrate further.
>Are there alternatives to NTL or are they sort of de-facto monopolist?
>Taking money away from them might sell them the clue if texts don't.

Oh, I can buy Usenet services elsewhere and indeed have a few accts,
mostly on friends servers.  And as I don't pay specifically for NTL's
news, just the whole package, getting news eslwhere doesn't deprive them
of revenue.

Here in the UK while cable is supposed to be a competitive market but each
small local franchise is essentially a local monopoly so for people in an
NTL area the choices are either NTL cable or British Telecom ADSL from BT
or one of their re-sellers.  In other words not a lot.

I'd really prefer my cable ISP to also provide my news for simplicity's
sake but NTL just don't have what it takes.


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