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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems after upgrade to 1.9.33

On Tuesday 18 Mar 2003 19:44, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Use 1.9.36. Has some distro recently switched to ship 1.9.33? Where did
> you get yours from?

Hokay.  I'm up to 1.9.36 now.  I prefer to keep stuff in RPM, so I did a "make 
rpm" from the source and upgraded to the resultant package.  leafnode-version 
tells me "leafnode-1.9.36.rel".

Now, I haven't seen the previously-mentioned weird messages, which is good, 
but the original behaviour still seems to be there.  I'm sure I must be 
missing something obvious here, so please bear with me ;-)  It's been a while 
since I've played with a news system.

I start with "fetchnews -vvv" to get lots of output.  Here's the tail-end of 
my that output, which gives an example of the behaviour which is making me 

alt.autos.saab: will fetch 11090 
Disconnected from news.demon.co.uk.
wrote active file with 37152 lines
Forked child process to update XOVER information.

Now, it says there that it'll fetch an article from alt.autos.saab, which is 
what I'd expect.  It said it would fetch a bunch of them, in fact.  After 
fetchnews has run, I start my newsreader, and it can't find any new articles.  
So, to double-check that, I go to /var/spool/news/alt/autos/saab.  Grepping 
for the message ID above finds nothing (although during one of the runs of 
1.9.33, it did download _some_ messages for alt.autos.saab.)  So I reckon it 
didn't fetch the article that it said it would.

However, some other groups have had their messages downloaded fine -- for 
example, alt.support.diet had a bunch of new articles, with the verbose 
output looking like:

alt.support.diet: receiving article 44387 (26 more up in the air)
storing <b57qdt$25fp71$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: 
.discarding unknown group soc.singles
.as article 199 in alt.support.diet
.discarding unknown group alt.support.diet.low-carb

..which is how my old version of fetchnews always used to behave.

If I run fetchnews again, with no changes whatever, then that article from 
alt.autos.saab comes down fine.  It's now in /var/spool/news/alt/autos/saab, 
and my newsreader can see it.  But it seems to have missed a bunch of 
articles in other groups.

Also, this time it looks as though it's just encountered comp.windows.x.kde 
for the first time: it kills hundreds of articles as being older than 10 
days, then fetches 160 articles for the very first time since the upgrade, 
even though comp.windows.x.kde has been in my interesting.groups directory 
for the last five or six runs of fetchnews.

I think I'm in a little out of my depth here.  Any suggestions?

Thanks again,


"It's the small gaps between the rain that count,
 and learning how to live amongst them."
	      -- Jeff Noon

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