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[leafnode-list] crossposting to ..thing.wotsit and ..thing

I read rec.music.classical, this evening I dipped into
rec.music.classical.recordings and saw a thread cross posted between the
two groups which I hadn't seen at all in r.m.c

Further investigation appears to reveal that this happens if the newsgroup
order is
r.m.c.r, r.m.c but not if you invert the order and use r.m.c first

An example article is b6fai2$mh6$1$8302bc10@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where my xref
line reads

Xref: jailhouse.chezmarshall.freeserve.co.uk rec.music.classical.recordings:9485
I'm using 2.0.0.alpha20030128a, I've looked at the change log for
alpha20030318 but I can't see any mention of this issue


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