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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews doesn't connect

On Wednesday 30 April 2003 22:52, Frank Hrebabetzky wrote:
> In order to have a firmer base for discussions with my provider (who
> doesn't provide support for Linux), I would like to understand what telnet
> . 119 does. I only know telnet as a facility to use my computer as a
> remote terminal for another computer. But with respect to a news server
> and with that magical number as argument? Can it be explained in a few
> words? "man telnet" didn't help me much.

telnet connects to a specified port on the destination computer. If you don't 
specify a port, it uses 23, which is the telnet port. This allows you to get 
a shell on the computer and type commands to it, if it has telnetd running 
and allows connections from your IP address. telnet foo 25 connects to the 
mail port, and you can type "mail from:<bar>\nrcpt to:<foo>" and send an 
email message. telnet foo 22 gets you an ssh prompt, which you can't do much 
with, as it's expecting you to send something encrypted. telnet foo 119 gets 
you a news prompt, and you can send a news message if it lets you.


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