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[leafnode-list] Re: 'Prioritize' servers ?

"D.J. Bolderman" <list-leafnode@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> At this moment, I'm using Leafnode for text-only groups, so I have
> delaybody set to zero. This is not an ideal situtation for binary
> groups, because I want to make a selection of articles to fetch,
> instead of downloading them all.
> To overcome this 'problem' can i run  2 instances of Leafnode ? 
> eg. one instance with delaybody 0 and one with delaybody 1 ?

That's possible, but it requires separate spool and configuration
directories (--prefix= and --sysconfdir=, perhaps also --spooldir= at
/configure time) and that one of these servers uses either a different
port or IP address (IP aliases and binding the individual installations
to distinct addresses rather than the default "any" address come to

Matthias Andree

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