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Re: [leafnode-list] Failed posting not reported & dots in the Path

Mike <mike--v@xxxxx> writes:

> MA> Rats, they should fix their systems. RFC-1036 is still in effect, and it
> MA> writes (in section 2.1.6) "the existing convention (...) of starting the
> MA> path with the host name, an "!", and the user name, should be maintained
> MA> when possible." As leafnode doesn't have the user name, it inserts
> MA> !news.
> I don't think it's about "fixing their systems". The error message is
> in Polish, whereas all the other messages you get from the server are
> in English - it seems to me like a conscious modification acting as an
> "anti-relay" protection.

This "anti-relay" happens in violation of RFC-1036 and is therefore
invalid. They can check IPs and they can authenticate users with
passwords if they want to restrict postings.

> On the other hand I might be completely wrong about it.
> If I'm right, then it's not a bug in Leafnode.

Correct. Leafnode adds a mandatory header (per RFC-1036) to emit a
standards-compliant news article.

> If it's so, it would still be nice to have a possibility (a config
> file switch?) to "fix" it without patching the code and without
> inserting custom headers, as most people use OE, which does not allow
> to make such modifications AFAIK.

I don't care to support OE shortcomings when they prevent workarounds
for a misconfiguration of an ISP. Take the "most people (who) use OE" to
the ISP and let them complain and you shall see that problem fixed much
quicker than if you complain about a non-working Unixish newsreader, at
least with some ISPs.

Matthias Andree
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