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[leafnode-list] fetchnews-error-log: Cannot open /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/old.group for reading

Hallo out there,

I found the following error-message in my logfiles today:

Jun  4 19:02:59 home fetchnews[14613]: Cannot open \
	/var/spool/news/interesting.groups/comp.security.announce \
	for reading

And parallel the output from the cron-job running fetchnews:

Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 19:01:00 +0200
Subject: Cron <news@home> test -x /usr/sbin/fetchnews && \
    /usr/sbin/fetchnews -vv

leafnode 1.9.41.rel: verbosity level is 2
unsubscribing from comp.security.announce

After all I didn't unsubscribe fron that group but there seem no
messages to appear in comp.security.announce for a longer time. However,
is that a reason to produce such an error-message?


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