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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode updating articles for clients

Joseph schrieb am 2003-06-06:

> I've got leafnode downloading via fetchnews. Why do my
> clients not see any new articles even though fetchnews
> is downloading them and has downloaded over 300? Will
> the client only get to see them when the group is done
> being fetched? I would think as soon as an article is
> fetched it'd be available to a client.

Well, the article itself is available, however, the overview data that a
client usually requests is only updated after fetchnews has given
control back to your shell or script, it launches a background process
to update the overview data at that time.

The current leafnode-2 alpha versions have in a different way and update
the overview data for each article as it's been fetched, so leafnode-2
offers downloaded articles earlier than leafnode-1 -- and leafnode-2
doesn't need to start a background process.

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