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Re: [leafnode-list] low drive space issue

Joseph said:
> I only have a couple free gb left on /. I have 10gb
> free on /home. is there a way to tell leafnode to use
> only /home? i don't want it to use / when there's
> hardly any space.
$ less INSTALL
    You configure paths with the "configure --prefix" option. For example,
if leafnode had been previously installed in /opt, you would configure
leafnode with the command "./configure --prefix=/opt".  Further
options are --with-spooldir, --sysconfdir, --with-lockfile to
determine the location of the spooldir (defaults to /var/spool/news),
configuration directory (defaults to /etc/leafnode if prefix is unset,
PREFIX/etc otherwise) and of the lock file (defaults to
leaf.node/lock.file below the spooldir).

William Hooper

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