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Re: AW: [leafnode-list] Delayed answers from my leafnode-server

"Peter Reimer" <punky@xxxxxx> writes:

> I know the problem with the missing /etc/hosts-entry. My client has an
> entry in this table.

Is it used at all? Check the logs (details below), example:

Jul  9 02:17:46 libertas leafnode[202]: connect from merlin ( to libertas ( (my fqdn: libertas.example.org)

Are there no names before the first two parentheses pairs, i. e. "from
IP (IP)" rather than "from host (IP)"

> I dont think that a problem with the network-connection exists because
> the local connection (telnet 127..... 119) has the same problem. I think
> it is a problem with one leafnode-database (eg articles...).

What evidence do you have that it's got something to do with the data?

What's in your log?

Check /etc/syslog.conf, enable the news.notice log, then send syslogd a
SIGHUP. Further details on how to obtain useful logging are in the
"FEHLERSUCHE" or "syslog".

What does your IPv6 and firewall configuration look like?

If you "telnet server 119", you should get an output like this:

$ telnet libertas 119
Connected to libertas.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version 1.9.42.rel running at libertas (my fqdn: libertas.example.org)
205 Always happy to serve!
Connection closed by foreign host.

where exactly does it wait?

Before Trying?
After Trying and before Connected?
After Connected and before 200 Leafnode?
After 200 Leafnode, when you send the first command?

How much RAM and what kind of CPU (how fast) does your leafnode server
have, and how deep does it go into swap? (Use top to find out.)

Matthias Andree

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