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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: clock skew on feeding news server

bhoel@xxxxxx (Berthold Hoellmann) writes:

>>> Im running SuSE 8.2 with leafnode-1.9.33.rel-12.
>> This leafnode version is outdated. Newer versions have fewer bugs, but
>> this check_date annoyance hasn't been fixed. Communication systems
>> should run with accurate clocks.
> Are there RPMs of newer leafnode versions for SuSE? If yes, where can
> I find them?

You can compile one yourself, rpm -tb leafnode-1.9.42.rel.tar.bz2 is all
it takes. (Some distros appear to expect rpmbuild -tb instead, and you
need to install [lib]pcre-devel if provided, gcc, make and necessary
header files; on older distros, you may need to install kernel-includes
as well.)

Matthias Andree

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