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[leafnode-list] Re: active.read not being created on 1.9.42

Tim Daneliuk writes:

1) Why did noactive=1 not work, even without the file?

Maybe it didn't find the groupinfo file. In that case, active.read is irrelevant.

2) How is the file _supposed_ to be created?

fetchnews will create it when it has successfully retrieved the active files from all upstream servers in one single run.

Did you check the logs? You need to change /etc/syslog.conf and SIGHUP
syslogd to get news logging.

3) Why not just use the date information on the 'groupinfo' file?

groupinfo is also updated locally, through texpire or applyfilter, and would therefore be inaccurate for tracking the date of the last "active" download.

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