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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: How to debug missing (not-fetched)

Reiner Steib schrieb am 2003-08-28:

> [ It's seems you didn't Cc the list.  But as you don't write in
>   German, I assume that it should have gone to the list. ]

Indeed. I resent the mail to the list now, it should appear in a minute
or two, just for completeness's sake.

> JFTR, I didn't see the problem on Gmane yet:

(gmane runs INN 2.3, quimby runs 2.2)

Personally, I have never seen such issues with INN 2.2 that shipped with
SuSE 7.0/7.3, but I've seen major disturbances with INN 2.3.2 in
tradspooled or tradindexed (I don't recall which one is faulty -- I
switched both at the same time to timecaf and buffindexed and forgot
what was in the 2.3.X-STABLE changelogs.)

> > As to initialfetch, there was a bug.
> I probably misread your message.  (I though that it already should
> work in 20030814a.)

I wasn't aware of the bug, your useful choice of log lines made me look
closer and see the bug.

Anyways, I manually bumped up a figure in my leaf.node/news.cis.dfn.de
file by 2,000 with initialfetch=1000, and here's what happened (I
abbreviated the names):

dcoul.hardware: last seen article was 126364, server now has 117547 - 124363
dcoul.hardware: switched upstream servers? upstream bug?  126364 > 124363
dcoul.hardware: considering 1000 articles 123364 - 124363, using XOVER
dcoul.hardware: XOVER: 967 seen, 776 I have, 191 filtered, 0 to get
dcoul.hardware: all articles already there

I think it's fixed now (with the patch on top of 20030814a).

Thanks again for the report.


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