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Re: [leafnode-list] Wishlist

Daniel Zwick schrieb am 2004-01-04:

> I would like to invite you to discuss the following items that I would like
> to be added to Leafnode:
> 1. [BUG?] It seems, that postings to a non-existent newsgroup stay in
> out.going instead of moving to failed.postings.

It's a hard one.

a. I'd usually like to reject these at POST stage, but:

b. what do we do if the grouplist isn't complete (some servers
   unavailable), reject when the group exists but leafnode doesn't know
   it doesn't look right?

c. something that moves to failed.postings is invisible for the poster,
   it's just "gone".

I wonder if leafnode-2 should, when the user has used NNTP authorization
or when the posting was injected from a trusted host, "bounce" a failed

> 2. Leafnode should be able to (optionally) do Supersedes.

2.0.0.alpha does it. 1.9 won't do that.

> 3. There should be an option to disable Newsgroups or whole hierarchies
> (*.binaries.* etc.)

only_groups_pcre can do that if you manage to describe that with a
regular expression (Perl compatible) in recent 1.9.X versions as well as

Matthias Andree

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