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[leafnode-list] Re: Wishlist

Matthias Andree wrote:

>> 1. [BUG?] It seems, that postings to a non-existent newsgroup stay in
>> out.going instead of moving to failed.postings.
> It's a hard one.
> c. something that moves to failed.postings is invisible for the poster,
> it's just "gone".

As leafnode typically runs on small sites, I would just have a cron job
check failed.postings, and mail me, if there is anything in there. But one
could even go as far as writing a script, that will send a notification to
the From (or Reply-To, if there is one) address, and then automatically
delete the posting from failed.postings. Anyway, I would leave this part up
to the site admin.

> I wonder if leafnode-2 should, when the user has used NNTP authorization
> or when the posting was injected from a trusted host, "bounce" a failed
> posting.

If you implement it, then please make it optional.

>> 3. There should be an option to disable Newsgroups or whole hierarchies
>> (*.binaries.* etc.)
> only_groups_pcre can do that if you manage to describe that with a
> regular expression (Perl compatible) in recent 1.9.X versions as well as
> 2.0.0.alpha.

Yes, I forgot that I can also negate it with "!".


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