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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: More consistent help messages in configure

Samuel Tardieu schrieb am 2004-01-05:

> From my point of view, ArX is dead. It existed because the first
> version of GNU Arch was coded in shell, as a proof of concept, and ArX
> was a welcomed compiled replacement.

Ah, that explains a lot. I'll then look into GNU Arch.

> tla (a.k.a. GNU Arch) is the most advanced client at this time. I
> recommend it over any existing system at this time (I used to be a CVS
> developer, and an early adopter of PRCS, and I use Perforce for some
> projects). GNU Arch brought me the most flexible development
> environment ever.

I have recently used BitKeeper for development work on e2fsprogs (make
it work on FreeBSD) and to pull Linux development kernels, and AFAICS,
it's been working smoothly, only it requires a distributed repository to
use "OpenLogging".

> Agreed, import from GNU Arch would be much easier :-) *evil grin*
> I looked at the pages before sending the URL, and the patch seems to
> be included as plain text. You should be able to just "wget" the page
> and feed it through "patch -p1".

Doesn't matter.

> Thanks to you for maintaining Leafnode 2.0.0, it looks much more
> advanced than the Leafnode+ I was using before.

You're welcome. Yes, it is indeed more advanced, but it will be a while
before all the leafnode 1.9.X bug fixes are forward ported to 2.0.0 :-/

Matthias Andree

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