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[leafnode-list] Xref message id number

Hi all,

I've a bit of a strange question.

I use leafnode 1.9.46.rel for info, but I'm not sure that's important.


I know this is the way that leafnode presents it's Xref line:

Xref: linuxbox.xxx.com uk.rec.motorcycles:498301

I've got a program that interrogates my news server every hour to take 
various bits of information to populate a mySQL database. These I use to 
calculate statistics for uk.rec.motorcycles.

http://tinyurl.com/2ybp9 (For those interested)

I use the number in the Xref line (e.g. 498301) as the unique index number 
in a mySQL database. Now at the moment, the server is running inside a 
firewall at work. I'm shortly going to be intalling a new server at home 
with leafnode and my stats program. 

I can export my database at work and import it at home. I can also run my 
new leafnode server and my stats program on this machine, populating a new 
database. However my question (finally) is:

Can I set the message id number on my new leafnode news server to start at a 
different value than 1? e.g. 498302? I want to avoid conflicts in the 
database with duplicate message id numbers. 

I've not compiled leafnode on the new box yet, so I could make a code change 
if necessary.


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