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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode 1.9.48.rel released - SECURITY FIXES - (STABLE)

William Hooper wrote on 2004-01-09:

> In my case, I'm getting it (mostly on articles from gmane.org) without
> delaybody.  I'm installing 1.9.49 now to see if that fixes it.


> 1.9.49 seems to have fixed it in my case.

Thanks for this followup.

The exact condition is line 1137 (in 1.9.49's fetchnews.c):

    ((!filterfile || article_despite_filter) && !delaybody);

The hang, before and excluding 1.9.48, could be triggered (further down
the code) when this boolean expression was TRUE, and 1.9.49 was broken
when this expression was FALSE.

The 1.9.48 fix looked trivial, but evidently wasn't, so I had to do a
second release today :-/

Please apologize the confusion around the short-lived 1.9.48 version.

Matthias Andree

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