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[leafnode-list] leafnode-1.9.50.rc3 available

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leafnode 1.9.50 release candidate #3 is available at

This fixes the problem Andreas Muck reported with respect to pseudo
articles not showing in tin (hopefully in all circumstances, I cannot
test all of them).

It can be downloaded as source .tar.bz2 tarball or as binary RPM for
i486 or better Linux machines with GLIBC 2.2.


NEWS since 1.9.49.rel:

+ Bugfix: most programs now generate an active from the spool contents when
  they cannot read it, to avoid bogus first/last counter resets.
+ Bugfix: checknews adds groups listed in the checkgroups file that aren't
  already in the groupinfo. Prints them on stderr with " NEW" next to them.
+ Cleanup: made fetchnews logging and console printing more consistent to aid
  debugging. Careful changes to some severities.
+ Conformance: texpire -h now exits 0 (it used to exit with code 1).

+ Bugfix: "noactive" has never (since its introduction into 1.9.25) worked as
  documented and still fetched the active file when "forceactive" was set
  (through -f or expiry of timeout_active). Align actual behaviour with the
  documentation. Reported by Andrew Cranson.
+ Bugfix: texpires now logs errors in addition to printing them.
+ Bugfix: Some format strings for integers in fetchnews.  Harmless on 32-bit
  platforms but can cause crashes or bogus output/logging on 64-bit machines.
+ Bugfix: Plug a memory leak in checkgroups.
+ Bugfix: The pseudo article for an empty group now has a higher number than
  the last article of the group previously had, so it is actually visible in
  news readers. Reported by Andreas Muck.
  Cosmetic side effect: articles in new groups now start at number 3 rather
  than 2 in many configurations. This is harmless.
+ Bugfix: when building an active file from the news spool, use the
  directory's ctime as the creation date.
+ Bugfix: whenever an active file is built from the news spool, this will
  force fetchnews to download the active files completely at the next run.
+ Cleanup: Fetchnews quickly proceeds to the next server when serious trouble
  is encountered during group fetch, that is, premature server disconnect or
  missing credentials or authentication failure.
+ Cleanup: Print NNTP-connect related errors on console as well (not only to
+ Robustness: overview (NOV, XOVER) is now more tolerant with respect to
  leading whitespace, including HTAB characters.

+ Portability: PATH_MAX is almost gone, a POSIX system need not define it. If
  it is missing, we assume 4096. PATH_MAX is not used to size static array,
  but only gives the initial array size for dynamically sized strings that
  extend automatically when the size is insufficient.
  This should help the GNU Hurd vaporware should it ever materialize.
+ Portability: Skip autoconf's SETVBUF_REVERSED check on Intel C++.
+ If the compiler is an Intel one, ./configure refrains from adding GCC

+ Cleanup: update.sh (run by make update, to update spools written by leafnode
  1.6 and older) will now remind the user he has to delete groupinfo.old.
+ Texpire: now updates .overview information should a previous fetchnews run
  have been interrupted hard.
+ Texpire: support -q to suppress all non-error output.
+ Documentation: Updates to texpire, leafnode, fetchnews manual pages.
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)

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