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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-1.9.53.rc1 available

Matthias Andree said:
> William, if your server uses nntpswitch (just doing "telnet
> my.server.example 119", then typing "quit" after you're connected will
> tell you), I should file a request for enhancement with the NNTPSwitch
> author, Tommy van Leeuwen.
> Let me know if your upstream uses NNTPSwitch.

Took another look at the log files and turned up (more where this came from):

Apr 11 21:17:02 token fetchnews[7663]: error: news.east.earthlink.net:
received bogus greeting (502): 502 Permission Denied - Service restricted
to EarthLink member networks - newssupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Tornado
Apr 11 21:17:04 token last message repeated 5 times
Apr 11 21:17:04 token fetchnews[7663]: news.east.earthlink.net: address
list exhausted without establishing connection.

Unfortunately I didn't have debugging on.

It reports itself as:
200 EarthLink UseNet Service Ready -- Please Authenticate (Tornado v1.0.5)

Note, this does appear to be what it was reporting at least as far back as
the end of March (looking at a debug log I sent to the list).

A couple of weird things (and why I was blaming Earthlink):
a) It doesn't do it every connect (so I can't be sure it is fixed)
b) It only does it on one server or the other (east or west) in a
particular run.  I haven't had both of the servers in there for too long,
so it might be Earthlink not liking me checking both.

I'll give it a couple of days with 1.9.53.rc1 and see if it comes back. 
If so I will get a debug log for you.

William Hooper

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