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RE: [leafnode-list] Failed posting - is this right?

I tested this, and it is repeatable.  Perhaps I am covering old ground here?  It is nothing to with the queuecheck script.  If I send a post to alt.test during a fetchnews run, after the server which carries alt.test has been processed, then the posting will fail.

Obviously in this case, I could move my ISP's main server to the end of the list, but this still does not solve all cases.  Several servers I use (e.g. gmane) carry groups not carried anywhere else.

Generally, users do not know when fetchnews is running, not currently do they get any notification of a failed posting, which may be an admin issue - I'm sure a script could be cooked up to mail the user.

I am not sure what the general solution would be to this.  A configable option which prevents postings incoming during a fetchnews cycle being processed until the next cycle is one way - new posts could be put in a queue directory, which would be copied to out.going at the start of the run.

Perhaps a better approach would be to count a number of retries (per post) before failing a post.  This would cope with this situation, as well as the case of a server being temporarily unreachable.

Of course, I don't know much about the workings of leafnode, so I could be miles off.  Any comments?

Thanks in advance,

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