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RE: [leafnode-list] Restoring Hard Links - Texpire

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> Jeff Grossman schrieb am 2004-06-27:
> > I upgraded my hard drive about 3 weeks ago and installed a new version
> > Linux at the same time.  I copied my news spool from the old hard drive
> > the new one.  I am sure I did it wrong, I just did a "cp" on it.  Now,
> > time Texpire runs, it spits out about 3 megs in a log file of restoring
> > links.  I can understand this the first time Texpire runs after the
> > but it does it each time it runs now.  Is this normal?  Is there
something I
> > can do?  I am running the 2.0 snapshot from 5/13.
> Jeff, I have used that snapshot, copied the spool and ran texpire. It
> restored the hard links and filled my screen with the corresponding
> messages in -vvv mode. I ran texpire again, and the 2nd time I just got
> the normal output "group.name: n articles deleted, m kept", but no
> restored links. What file system is the spool on?

It is on ext3.  Here is the interesting thing.  I run Texpire via cron every
other day.  The mail which cron sends me only has the "group.name: n
articles deleted, m kept" line, but my news log file has all of the
restoring hard links in it.  Oh, but no rereading your message, in cron I
don't run it with -vvv.

Let me go look at the logs today, because Texpire ran this morning.  Yup,
once again, I have tons of restored hard links in my log this morning.

Let me know if there is anything I can do.  Otherwise, I might just kill the
spool and start over.  I would prefer to not do that, but if nothing else


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