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Re: [leafnode-list] Howto to "disable" expiration ?

Xavier Maillard <zedek@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have several groups with a groupexpire of -1. It works ok, but
> my goal is to disable groupexpire globally (ie. -1) and set
> expiration on few groups.
> How can I do this ?

Please remember to mention your leafnode version with configuration
questions. You're lucky leafnode-1 and -2 are the same WRT groupexpire
behaviour. :-)

The groupexpire entries are parsed from bottom to top, and any match
wins, so the last groupexpire line in your "config" file that matches
the group will count.

You can therefore write:

groupexpire = *        -1
groupexpire = news.*   30
groupexpire = fr.*     14
groupexpire = fr.rec.* 21

This means: fr.rec expire after 21 days, the other fr groups after a
fortnight, news.* expire after 30 days and the remaining groups won't
expire at all.

When you have overlapping patterns, put the most specific last, because
it is parsed first. Confusing, eh?

Matthias Andree

Encrypted mail welcome: my GnuPG key ID is 0x052E7D95 (PGP/MIME preferred)
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