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Re: [leafnode-list] How to disable expiry for certain groups?

Frank Wein <mcsmurf@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Raymond Scholz wrote:
>>Is there a better way to completely disable the expiry for certain
>>groups than to set the groupexpire parameter to a large number of
>>Cheers, Ray
> Just a guess (this normally works in other programms ;-): Set the expiry 
> time to -1.

Frank is right.

This used to be documented for leafnode-1, I have added the
corresponding documentation to the leafnode-2 repository as well, to
appear in the next leafnode-2 snapshot, from leafnode-2's new
leafnode(8) manual page:

       groupexpire = very.crowded.group 1

       groupexpire = very.crowded.hierarchy.* 1
              "groupexpire" makes it possible to adjust expiry times for indi-
              vidual groups. Expiry times are given in days,  negative  values
              prevent  expiry for the given groups. This value is used by tex-
              pire(8).  You can specify as many groupexpire lines as you like.
              It is possible to specify glob(7)-like wildcard expressions.

Matthias Andree
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