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[leafnode-list] empty groups not staying in interesting groups list

I have a couple of groups that I'm subscribed to that are so low-traffic that 
all the messages in the group may expire before any new ones come in.
My news client does a "LIST ACTIVE <groupname>" every day when I run it, but 
apparently that is not enough to keep an empty group in the interesting.groups 
Poking around at the code, I see that this is related to a function in 
nntpd.c, is_pseudogroup().  According to this function, an empty folder is a 
leafnode then decides that a pseudogroup doesn't need to have its 
interesting.groups entry updated.

So, if I want empty groups to stay "interesting", I see two ways to fix this:
  1) hack things so empty groups are not pseudogroups.
  2) hack things so pseudogroups are treated just like regular groups as far as
	interesting.groups is concerned.

Which of these is better, or is there a 3rd option I've overlooked?

P.S.  3) change the expiration date on these low volume groups-- I don't like 
this option.

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