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Re: [leafnode-list] Can't get leafnode to work with news servers that work with clients.

Adam Funk <adam00f@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > 1. The servers time out while leafnode is "considering" articles to
>> >    download.  For example:
> This hasn't happened since your reply.  I'll post the debugging info 
> when it next occurs.

OK. We'll see if that is something leafnode can fix.

>> > 2. The processes started by the hourly fetchnews cron job stay
>> > alive and hold the lock file for a *long* time and prevent
>> > subsequent jobs from starting.  They don't appear to do anything
>> > according to `top` and find `/var/spool/news -mmin -5` (for
>> > example).
>> Please get me a backtrace of the hanging process, 9489 in this case.
>> The FAQ that should have shipped as
>> /usr/share/doc/leafnode/FAQ.txt.gz has detailed information on how to
>> do that.
> Sorry, my leafnode, texpire and fetchnews executables are all 
> stripped (from the binary Debian packages).  If you think it's 
> worthwhile I could try compiling from source to carry this out.

I've released 1.11.3 because 1.11.2 and older versions didn't check the
timeout while fetchnews was reading the message headers (getfoldedline
used the no-timeout version of getaline), please try 1.11.3 and see if
the hangs go away. If they don't, I will need a backtrace...

> Jun  8 13:08:12 garcia fetchnews[8921]: >ARTICLE 143386
> Jun  8 13:08:12 garcia fetchnews[8921]: <220 143386 <2njda1dr21st0agdenrh73aljsgfhjvenu@xxxxxxx>

...for I believe that there's little room where this might hang without
printing messages -- you may have seen a message containing "receiving
message 143386" on the screen before it locked up.

Matthias Andree
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