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Re: [leafnode-list] Request -moderated groups

On Saturday 03 Sep 2005 12:00, Joerg Dietrich wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 11:06:13AM +0100, David Aldred wrote:
> > Thanks for the suggestion - before compiling it (I've got something else
> > in the middle of a compile at the moment!), I've looked at readme.html.  
> > This seems to indicate that moderators can only be set for *local* groups
> > - is that not the case?
> The moderators file was added for local groups but supports
> non-local groups as well.

Thankyou - I'm trying it and it seems to be working exactly as I need it to.

A question: how difficult would it be to add functionality to make this happen 
for any moderated group, without having to add addresses manually 
to /etc/leafnode/moderators?  What I'm thinking is this: a format for a line 
in the moderators file something like

uk*: @usenet.org.uk

... to apply to moderated groups in the whole uk.* hierarchy, simply adding 
'@usenet.org.uk' to the newsgroup name for the moderation address. 

From a very quick look at the code in moderated.c, I think I could manage to 
write something to parse this sort of line and add it in there - if 
getmoderator() only gets called for moderated groups, then I think that would 
make this work.  

David Aldred
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