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[leafnode-list] leafnode and stunnel


Up until now, this combination has been working great. But yesterday, when
I upgraded from Ubuntu Hoary to Ubuntu Breezy, I can not use leafnode over
stunnel to connect to SSL nntp services.

In my /etc/inetd.conf I have this entry:

nntps   stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/stunnel stunnel

and when fetchnews runs, a noticed this entry in logs:

localhost: connecting to port 563
  trying:    address port 563...
  connected: address port 563.
localhost: Server didn't want to talk to us, reply code -1
localhost: "2005.10.15 09:52:28 LOG3[12479:3083081408]: Either -r, -l (or
-L) option must be used"

So, I looked up in stunnel help manual, and these parameters (-r,-l, -L)

-r [host:]port   connect to remote service (host defaults to INADDR_LOOPBACK)
-l program    execute local inetd-type program
-L program    open local pty and execute program

I have no idea why stunnel is requesting these parameters, because like I
said, up until now everything was working great.

I know that this question is not for leafnode mailing list, but I'm asking
here because, i think that someone else is also using stunnel with leafnode.

Thanks. Nick.

ChaKy @ idolNET IRC Network :: PGP:0x487B18D5 :: ICQ:96731865
http://alf.unidu.hr/~ncake/gallery/ :: Ubuntu Linux Community

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