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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode 2.0 and local groups..

>> Just tested with 2.0.0_alpha20060321:
>> Existing newsgroup: internal.test
>> Existing directory structure: internal/test/
>> New newsgroup: internal.test.second
>> While posting to internal.test.second leafnode created
>> internal/test/second/ as it seems to be needed.
>> The totally new group "no.dirs.needed" (not even no/ existed) behaved
>> in the same way. Right after posting there, no/dirs/needed/ appeared.
>this is good news. how about restarting leafnode afterwards: does it
>need any new entries in etc/leafnode/local.groups?

Leafnode is not a daemon that runs all the time.  Instances are spawned
by xinetd only when a client tries to connect, then that instance dies
when the session is complete.  There is no "restart" unless you
"disabled" leafnode in the xinet.d configuration file during the time
period that you were mucking around with its configuration files.  If
you edit the files, the next time you access leafnode with your client,
the groups are there with no extra effort required.

Kevin R. Bulgrien 
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